A recent report released by AYR Wellness discovered shifting trends and popularity of cannabis consumption activities on 4/20. More than 900 cannabis consumer participants, ranging in age between 21-74 years old, were asked a variety of questions between February and March.

According to AYR Wellness President and CEO David Goubert, the study sheds some new light on cannabis continuing to grow in popularity. “Our 4/20 survey proves that the unofficial cannabis holiday continues to hold a special place in the hearts of consumers, with nearly 40% planning to take off work to celebrate,” Goubert said, according to Forbes. “The data also uncovered some compelling findings around how people prefer to consume cannabis—from who they consume with to formats they prefer consuming with—that AYR can use to create more meaningful engagements with our customers.”

Goubert referred to the statistic that 39% of participants stating that they were planning on taking time off for 4/20. Additionally, 31% of participants said that 4/20 is a “special occasion” (and specifically 42% of medical cannabis consumers also believe that 420 is a “special day”).

However, 71% of participants said that their consumption habits won’t change on 4/20, while 23% said that they plan to consume more cannabis than they usually do.

For those who admitted that they plan to celebrate, 70% of them said that they were interested in trying beverages or beverage enhancers. For those who prefer flower, the study also found that 61% of participants choose to break up their flower with their hands rather than use a grinder (an answer shared by 73% of those between the ages of 55-74).

April falls on a Thursday this year, and because it lands on a weekday, 73% of consumers said they’ll be consuming after 5pm (and 47% will consume later in the evening after 10pm). While 78% of consumers intend to consume on their own, 43% are “somewhat comfortable” spending time with others while using cannabis, 45% said they are “somewhat comfortable” being under the influence in public, and 44% are “somewhat comfortable” consuming at a social gathering where cannabis is not being consumed by everyone involved.

A new trend is also beginning to rise for some cannabis companies who have opted to give their employees paid time off to celebrate the holiday, such as Massachusetts-based Temescal Wellness. “4/20 is a day to show appreciation, love and respect for cannabis and its power to help amplify the health and happiness that people experience in their daily lives,” said Temescal Wellness Director of Retail and Customer Engagement Sian Leininger. “For us, it’s a day to celebrate our employees, whose passion, knowledge and true dedication inspires their unparalleled service to our customers and our community all of the other days of the year.”

Likewise, Sacramento-based Conception Nurseries announced on April 6 that April 20 would be a paid holiday as well. “The paid holiday is the company’s way of showing gratitude for the hard work and dedication of our employees,” said Conception Nurseries founder and CEO, Kevin Brooks. “Taking the day also gives us a chance to reflect on what our hard work in this industry is for—where we have come from and where we are going.”

April 20 events are returning in full swing this year now that the dangers of the pandemic have subsided, and sales are expected to break more records. Last year, $485.3 million in cannabis sales was collected over the entire time frame between Friday, April 15 and Wednesday, April 20, according to data collected by Akerna. A recent report from Fortune projects that the cannabis industry as a whole could reach up to $35.5 billion by the end of the year, and approximately $57 billion by 2028.

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